The Story Of A Hero: Man Is Walking 280 Miles For Julian Assange and Catalan Political Prisoners

Jorge is an activist but definitely not your typical one. For one thing, he has been on hunger strike 16 times for different causes. He currently has been for 60 days but that was not enough for this hero. This time he has chosen to walk from Strasbourg to Brussels for Catalonia,free speech,free press, and Julian Assange.

He has met incredible people along the way. According to this article seen here on Cyber Guerilla:

Knowing that when the regular media is silent about these events, the only way to do something is to get attention to the subjects by yourself. From the normal people, those who matter, not the big shots at the top. So he decided to do what no person had done before, to go on a hunger strike and walk between the 2 main EU buildings, 450 kilometers, and to not eat until he would have reached his end destination.

All of this to give one single message to those in power:

We are Anonymous.

We are Legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

And now, the EU parliament in Brussels can expect Jorge. And Jorge doesn’t arrive alone. Because he is supported by more people than they would be willing to piss off.

Talking to Jorge he is very grateful to those who help motivate him to fulfull his cause and for spreading the word. We don’t see enough in the media about real heroes like Jorge. So here’s a big shout out to a man wo pursues his causes with all he has. Thank you Jorge for all you do!

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