How Concern Trolls Distract From the Message To Free Assange

I see it all the time. People spreading the truth about Assange only to have “concern” trolls distract by asking for proof of life, or calling a letter from Assange fake, or saying something to the effect of, “I am so worried about Assange, is he really alive?” Folks, these people may be legitimate supporters who unknowingly are distracting or they may simply do it on purpose. Regardless, ignore them. Don’t even comment. Many will simply take up your time and are a waste of your breath.

Christine Assange once said, “We need Wikileaks warriors, not worriers.” She said this with good reason. Worrying doesn’t free her son, action does. We can pray for him but Jesus himself called for action from his followers. “To get a job done, you must apply your abilities. “ This is a quote from an old friend, but it is a fact.

Worrying by itself ends up being complacency.

The tragedy of life is often not in our failure, but rather in our complacency; not in our doing too much, but rather in our doing too little; not in our living above our ability, but rather in our living below our capacities. ~Benjamin Mays

Here is a tweet from his mother on concern trolls:

If you do respond, only respond with facts and then ignore. Concern trolls hurt the movement. We don’t have time to spend it educating the same people repeatedly. Here is how Christine recommends showing your support on social media.

How to tweet to raise public support for Julian Assange

1) Assume others have no prior accurate info on J

2) Make tweet the info message! (Many do not read

3) Use words ALL understand

4) Space words for easy reading

5) Leave reader with positive impression of J

(Note: Sorry my screenshot would not allow me to cover #5. )

To help inform yourself, I recommend visiting or

Amazing Revelations From Australian Journalist Mark Davis on Wikileaks: MSM Completely Ignores

In an “explosive article by Australian Journalist Mark Davis he shares the fact that both the Guardian and the New York Times set up Wikileaks and Assange to take the fallout from the Afghan files. Watch the video here on CNLive.

On Friday, the World Socialist Web Site reported what should have been front page news across the globe: revelations that Assange was “set up” by his erstwhile “media partners” at the New York Times and Guardian over publication of the Afghan War Logs in 2010.

The source of these revelations is award-winning Australian journalist Mark Davis.

Davis was with Assange at the Guardian’s “bunker” in the lead-up to publication of the Afghan War Logs in July 2010. Last week he spoke in Australia at an event hosted by Politics in the Pub.

Davis’s eyewitness account includes the following:

The New York Times and Guardian claimed to be “media partners” with Assange, promising simultaneous publication, but later pressured him to publish the Afghan War Logs first, effectively “pushing Julian out to walk the plank”.

WikiLeaks was unable to publish first, due to technical issues, but the New York Times deliberately lied in its coverage, saying that WikiLeaks had already published. This duplicitous claim was made to shield themselves from any legal fallout. WikiLeaks did not publish until two days later.

The Guardian provided a technical team to transform the raw data from the Afghan War Logs into a searchable database on the WikiLeaks website. In other words, they were the primary publishers, along with the New York Times.

The Guardian and New York Times later smeared Assange as a “hacker”, but in 2010 “they were in awe of him” and “treated him as an equal”.

Senior Guardian journalist Nick Davies later described Assange’s “cavalier attitude to life”. But Davis recalled the unserious attitude of senior Guardian journalists in the “bunker”, concluding, “They had disdain for the impact of this material.”

In their rush for a scoop (and not wishing to disrupt their own weekend plans), the Guardian, New York Times and Der Spiegel refused to redact names from the Afghan War Logs. Assange singlehandedly redacted 10,000 names prior to publication. This blows out of the water the relentless smears that he “endangered lives”.

Davis’s testimony confirms the unprecedented scope of the media and state vendetta against Assange. He faces US extradition under the Espionage Act for exposing war crimes, mass surveillance and US diplomatic intrigue across the globe.

If Assange is extradited and tried, it is only right that the New York Times and the Guardian staff be arrested as well. In fact, any media organization that published revelations from the Wikileaks Afghan files and Iraq War must be prosecuted under the Espionage Act. This is simply a war on the First Amendment by the DOJ headed by William Barr to be able to arrest any journalist worldwide who publishes facts about the behavior of the U.S. military. It must be stopped.

A Letter From Julian Assange To A Supporter

In a letter written to a supporter Julian Assange appears to be giving suggestions on where supporters should protest. From people4assange on Twitter they have nicely made the letter easier to read seen below.

Transcript: Thank you for fighting to save my life
Please also look into similar protest actions at those sites with organisations that can be influenced and which are not used to protest(s) or have difficulty defending against it ideologically. Possible examples: Le Monde, RSF Liberation (RSF do more defend their writer and “source”, BBC France, ARTE, ??
Australian embassy (do more) or consulate, UK Chamber of commerce, French ?? (or other elite gathering holes.) In some cases eg perhaps RSF if they have been helpful it may make more sense to have the protest ‘drop in’ on the way somewhere else rather than create feelings of adversary, but protests are very powerful for an office not used to them, even if everyone pretends otherwise. I know having been in one. Please adapt the above to local conditions. I am very isolated and not sure of the state of play, but you get the idea; push on that which will move, not simply that which opposes. Said another way, find weak links in the chain that binds me.

There is a lot to be said for this simple letter from Assange. He believes we can free him.

Ariyana Love also received a letter from Assange seen below:

It states the following:

“It is people like you, great and small, fighting to save my life that keeps me going. We can win this!”

We need to keep sending him uplifting letters even if he doesn’t write back. Here are some instructions and his address to write him.

Please send short personal letters and include a stamped self-addressed return envelope. You may include photos or drawings (regular paper). No postcards, sensitive material or loose stamps. You can purchase stamps from the U.K. at this link.

Also, you cannot send loose stamps, they must be placed on a return envelope with your address.

Do Not Believe The Lie Being Spread That Julian Assange is Dead

We’ve heard this story over and over since 2016, even after proof of life was given repeatedly (including videos, him on the balcony and finally his arrest) it has continued. No matter who visits him or states his current condition, there is always someone babbling on as though they are some kind of insider and quoting unconfirmed reports or close sources to Wikileaks. Too many of these false reports have circulated.Here is a prime example.tweet seen hereNo you can’t see Assange right now. He’s in a high security prison. He is sending letters to supporters like this one (see below), he is still trying to communicate via those who write to him.If that is not proof enough, John Pilger recently spoke of his visit to Julian as seen here:Stop with the proof of life garbage and help us free him. Spreading the conspiracy theories about him undermines his support. As Christine Assange once said, “We need Wikileaks warriors, nit worriers.”

A Reminder

Therefore the law is powerless, and justice never goes forth.
For the wicked surround the righteous; therefore perverse judgment proceeds.”
Hab 1:4

I read this powerful verse and our generation comes to mind, especially in the case of Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning. While they used the truth to expose the unjust, the establishment turned on them for sharing the truth with the people. Justice was not served but severely perverted. The criminals walk free while the truthtellers are jailed. This makes our laws powerless. It makes truth and justice a lark.

Our judicial system has ben corrupted, our politicians have become liars and murderers and our laws the biggest joke of them all. How can we sit peacefully as they ignore what is right and allow justice to be destroyed? For truly, what they are doing to Assange and Manning is perverse and barbaric.

It truly hurts my very soul to watch this atrocity in action. They are bankrupting one to make an example of her and slowly martyring the other. Our system is broken. Our governments tyrranical and the population so brainwashed by propaganda it is hard to wake them up. However, we must break through their fog and bring them to the light of truth. It is up to us to awaken them and stop their complacency. It is our duty. The catastrophic results from the case are too important to simply ignore. The future depends on it. Our lives depend on real justice being demanded by the people.

Julian Assange Update

Julian Assange is still on the Belmarsh Prison Hospital Ward according to John Pilger. He spoke of his barbaric treatment, his isolation and his deteriorating health. The denial of his needs to defend himself were also outlined. If this is the precursor of the treatment he will receive stateside, we should also be worried. They are denying his basic rights to speak with his lawyers and treating him like a caged animal rather than the human he is.

Hearing that his health is deteriorating upsets me. We cannot lose this man after all he went through to help us see the truth. His rights have been bulldozed and violated endlessly, they found him guilty without proper time for a defense while the judge called him narcisstic, and they basically stole his belongings at the Embassy with no one present. The press and many politicians have mobbed him endlessly and literally lied about his character. Do you know why they do this?

Here is Julian’s mother, Christine Assange’s statement about this:

Mrs. Christine Assange‏ (@AssangeMrs, Julian’s mom) on this:

“WHY do Julian Assanges persecutors & their media focus on smearing Julians CHARACTER? To divert attention AWAY from his WORK ! From his 100 % proven accurate, multi-award winning JOURNALISM exposing THEIR crimes & corruption! DONT assist them! FOCUS on his WORK!”

Christine’s Tweet seen here

If we respond to their character assissination with facts, it will help the brainwashed public by educating them with the truth. We must reach out far and wide to save this man’s life. We cannot let him die in prison like a common criminal.

My heart bleeds for my hero. I fight for him to help others fight as well. I am trying to draw your attention away from the daily MSM drama to help fight for a man who only wanted the truth to be known. Please write your elected officials today and demand his freedom.

Assange IS In More Danger Than You Think By Being Extradited

The facts coming out on the Jeffrey Epstein “suicide” case makes me even more leary of Assange being extradited. According to many media sources, Epstein was removed off of suicide watch only 2 weeks after being found unconcious on the floor of his cell from what was supposedly his first attempt. Why would any psychiatrist or psychologist in his right mind do this? Then we hear that Epstein’s guards fell “asleep” for two hours during the time Epstein supposedly committed suicide. Conveniently, the cameras weren’t working as was the case in the Seth Rich murder in 2016. This was a high profile child-trafficking case with many well-known politicians and celebrity names being thrown around. If they can’t keep a man like Epstein alive, how can we possibly think they would be able to do so with Assange?

Let’s face it folks, most people around Epstein said he was not in the least suicidal. His death gave a lot of elites relief. It also raises a lot of questions about how safe our prisons are.

This whole thing will be swept under the rug. No one else will be charged in the case and it will be soon forgotten.

Which is exactly what the establishment wants us to do about Assange. They want us to forget this hero and Chelsea Manning. That’s why there is no mention by Mainstream Media since his arrest. If they let it rest, people will move on to the next high class drama and Assange and Manning will slowly be destroyed. If they manage to extradite him, he will be another “suicide”, with no camera proof and the guards will be asleep.

People, we can’t let this happen to an innocent man. We cannot stand back and let the judicial systems martyr him. He is guilty of nothing but exposing injustice. If you forget Assange and sit passively while they assassinate him slowly, you are a willing participant in his death. His blood is on your hands. It is a chilling thought to think of being guilty of murder, but doing nothing in this case at least makes you an accessory. Don’t let people forget him. Don’t let him die because you did nothing. Please I beg of you to save this hero. Don’t let them kill a modern day prophet like they did JFK or silence him for so long like they did Nelson Mandela. He has been effectively gagged, he needs us to save his life now!

Complacency Will Not Save Our Heroes But Create Martyrs

Every time I see the arrest video of Assange and pictures of it, I still find it devastating. It breaks my heart to see such a courageous man look so frail. To understand 4 supposed civilized governments did this to one man ,completely baffles me, but knowing the U.S. empire bullied 3 of those countries into submission pisses me off. The United States once stood for freedom, truth and justice. It now is no more than a disgusting oligarchy bent on ruling the world, Roman empire style.

The attitude if they won’t let us rule them then we will break them has become the attitude of the 3 letter agencies in the U.S. Even then, it is one thing to go after a country, another to destroy and martyr one of the greatest journalists of our time. They are hell-bent on slowly murdering Assange. He published their secrets and to this country that means revenge. Not once has the truth that Wikileaks revealed been called lies.

Instead Assange is viewed by the establishment as a terrorist. Instead of doing something about the despicable crimes they committed in Afghanistan and Iraq, they seek to further cover it up. In fact, they have warned the ICC (international criminal court) that they will arrest any judge who tries the villians who committed those atrocities against humanity. Why are the citizens of the United States not screaming for justice?

I’ll tell you why. There are several reasons.

  1. They are too busy slaving away to survive. Some work 7 days a week and barely make ends meet. What time is left, they try to use to raise a family.
  2. The propaganda machine legalized in 2013, ( you can read about it here), has literally brainwashed the population through government funded media. Thousands of hours are published and released monthly.
  3. People have become complacent. They no longer have enough compassion to care about others. They are selfish and have the “why should I care?” attitude.

Some say the passiveness is caused by flouride in the water which chemically alters our brain chemistry or the additives in the food. Whatever the reason, Anericans only will care when it happens to them. They are comfortable watching the world and time fly by. It’s pathetic. For the average citizen, they’d rather keep their mouth shut and go on living life rather than fight for the rights they are consistently losing.

So while they lose more and more freedom, people like Manning, Assange and Snowden remain incarcerated or refugees for risking their lives to show them what their government is really doing. While Assange slowly deteriorates in prison, Manning is fined a thousand dollars a day and Snowden is stuck in Russia, they go on selfishly with their lives.

While John Pilger reminds us not to forget Assange, the general public either doesn’t know who he is or simply doesn’t care or has been successfully blinded by MSM.

Many think that Assange is better off being extradited, but after the Epstein “suicide”, it is obvious he would not be safe in the current prison system. He is already fragile and in ill-health both mentally and physically. He would be either “suicided” or simply die in our prison system.

We cannot count on either Britain’s justice system or politicians to save him. We need to pressure them through constant letters and phone calls. We must protest to save Assange, free Manning and get a pardon for Snowden. We cannot delay. We cannot remain passive. Complacency will end with our rights ending and tyranny taking over. We must fight and we must fight now! Unless you want these 3 men to become martyrs….

Deportation of Assange To Australia Could Still Result in Extradition to the U.S.

In a briefing to as many as 30 Australian Parliament members, Jennifer Robinson, Assange’s lawyer, explained the terrible circumstances Julian is facing. She also mentioned that there is a deportation notice issued by the U.K., if Britain doesn’t extradite to the U.S., to Australia. Some may think this is good news. It’s not.

Immediately after the deportation, it is extremely likely the U.S. government will immediately put out an extradition warrant to Australia under the U.S./ Australian extradition treaty. This will mean yet another long, drawn out legal fight and more time behind bars as Assange would be viewed as a flight risk.

What this means is the rest of Assange’s working life behind bars and silencing him for many years. If Australia does not accept him as a deportee, I am unsure of what would happen. The idea of Assange being brought home as a free man is wonderful. Unfortunately it is not likely. He should be allowed to choose the country where he wants to go. Assange has been tortured enough.

In a Twitter statement, John Pilger spoke of a recent visit to Assange in Belmarsh in their hospital ward:

We must not forget this hero! We must fight for his freedom now before it is too late! Do not let this man die in prison!

Two Mass Shootings In The US in 24 hours

Two mass shootings took place this weekend, resulting 29 lives brutally taken. The shootings took place in El Paso first in a Walmart and one in Ohio. Many leftists are once again calling for gun control, instead of looking at the greater crisis at hand. We need to fix our mental health system desperately.

The average stay on a psychiatric ward is less than 2 weeks because that is all insurance will allow. Most issues cannot be resolved in 14 days. Another issue we have is many Americans are angry, depressed and feel hopeless. There is no hope for a brighter tomorrow when many work massive hours just to scrape by. Many young Americans create massive debt to go to college and never use the degree. The shootings are not going to stop by removing guns. In fact, it will make the average citizen less safe in their homes. When the only people with guns are the government and the criminals, no one is safe.

My heart goes out to the families and friends of those who have died. May God bless them and comfort them.