A Desperate Call to Action to Free Assange

There is not a minute that goes by in my waking hours that I do not mourn the horrific rights violations of Julian Assange. Through isolation, limited access to friends and family and no possible way to defend himself, he is slowly deteriorating in prison. Though many of us fight hard daily, the powers that be are very strong. It is agony knowing his health is quickly diminishing in prison.

Unfortunately, the odds are against him and that is why we must spread the word and educate everyone around us. The U.S. is powerful and corrupt and run by an evil shadow government. By spending trillions on weapons of warfare, it is no longer a Republic but a military regime. An empire who allows the criminals to walk free or get off with just a slap on the hand and destroys the truthtellers that expose them.

While murderers and child molesters are sentenced to short terms, Assange faces 175 years for simply publishing the truth about U.S. war crimes. What kind of justice is that? The founding fathers must be rolling in their graves as the citizens of the U.S. stand back and allow tyranny to move in and destroy their rights. Everything the 13 colonies fought for is disintegrating.

The obvious bias in this case guarantees an unfair sentencing and possibly his death. Assange does not deserve to die in prison! He deserves awards and the Nobel Peace Prize. Most of all, he deserves to be with his family.

As a free people we must stand up to the obvious disregard for free press and our rights and demand Assange be freed. We cannot allow this travesty to continue but must end it and end it soon. This is a call to action, not just mumbling. We must unite as one and free Assange.

2 thoughts on “A Desperate Call to Action to Free Assange

  1. Shona Davidson

    Thank you for your thoughts Angel. I agree with them and also fear for Julian’s life in prison. He would not receive a fair trial if extradited to USA. An award-winning journalist should not be in prison for exposing crimes of war and other crimes of governments. He has suffered enough for helping us to know the truth. I am ashamed of the UK judiciary for what they are doing to him as puppets of USA. So many people all around the world are watching and supporting him. The protests and vigils must continue until he is free.


  2. Gretchen Edmiston

    I totally agree with you Angel Fox. Julian deserves so much better treatment. Being imprisoned for exposing the war crimes of the US just proves how wrong this country has become. Mistreating Julian will not put a stop to the millions of people who seek the truth, love Julian for telling the truth, and intend to demand the truth as well as see justice.


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