Writing Campaign And Example Letter to The Governor of Belmarsh Prison Regarding The Unfair Treatment of Julian Assange

It has come to light in the article by 21st Century Wire seen here, that it is necessary to start a writing campaign to Rob Davis OBE governor of Belmarsh Prison. The fact that Assange is being treated as though he is a dog who has bitten his owner is obvious in the abuse he is receiving. See below for example letter and addresses.

Dear Sir,

It has come to my attention that Julian Assange is being denied certain inalienable rights in your prison. Such rights include access to legal documents in order to fight in his defense, a laptop for the same purpose, access to the prison library and continuous access to his lawyers in order to prepare his defense.

This is not only a violation of due process but also an encroachment on his human rights. Even murderers get proper access to their lawyers.

Article 6.3 of the European Convention of Human Rights, which is of particular significance for prisoners (Assange clearly qualifies a political prisoner) and states that detainees must:

“… have adequate time and facilities for the preparation of their defence…”

The Council of Europe (CoE) has produced a definition of what this means in a guide on Article 6 of the ECHR:

  1. The “facilities” which everyone charged with a criminal offence should enjoy include the opportunity to acquaint himself, for the purposes of preparing his defence, with the results of investigations carried out throughout the proceedings.
  2. In order to facilitate the conduct of the defence, the accused must not be hindered in obtaining copies of relevant documents from the case file and compiling and using any notes taken

The CoE human rights guidelines have also set out in its European Prison Rules that:

23.6 Prisoners shall have access to, or be allowed to keep in their possession, documents relating to their legal proceedings.

Fair Trials, the global criminal justice watchdog, explains:

“A person facing criminal charges must have the time and facilities to prepare a defence. This right exists at all stages of the proceedings and encompasses the right to documents, files, and information as well as a guarantee of confidential communication with counsel.

Sir, please let this man keep his dignity and allow him his basic rights as an individual. Please allow him more visitors, time to prepare his defense and the adequate tools to do so. Take a moment to visit him as he is losing weight.

Thank you for your time.


Addresses below:

Rob Davis OBE
Western Way
SE28 0EB

Tel: 020 8331 4400
Fax: 020 8331 4401


8 thoughts on “Writing Campaign And Example Letter to The Governor of Belmarsh Prison Regarding The Unfair Treatment of Julian Assange

  1. You have given us the address of the person who wrote the letter. But what is the address to which we should send our own copies of this letter? And is there an email address, or must we physically go to the post office?


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