When A Journalist Like Assange Is Villified and Tortured, We Have Returned To The Past

Assange isolated and torture in Belmarsh prison, treated worse than a criminal when he is a hero is an example of how far our society has fallen backward. The only thing missing is the Coliseum and quite frankly we have the equivalent on television, movies and video games. They are just not reality. Why must the world repeat history and it’s downfalls again and again? Do we never learn?

It really does seem that we are bound to repeat the same mistakes of our ancestors over and over. How many empires have had to be overthrown in history for doing exactly what we are repeating today?

Assange tried to change that. He was a revolutionary. He wanted to see good happen in the world instead of the constant evil. He exposed the corruption within and brought it into the light. For that, we owe him. We owe him his freedom. We need to give him back his life. We need the millions to stand strong together and tell our governments no more. No more rights violations. No more attacking us through a journalist. Free Assange!!!!

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