John Pilger Interviewed by RT Speaks of Julian Assange’s Deteriorating Health

‘Julian Assange’s condition is…very dangerous, he’d lost more weight…he’s in a single cell, he told me that I see people walking by and I’d like to talk to them but I can’t’

“Category A prisoners,murderers, and others who have committed serious crimes are allowed to fraternize. Julian is not allowed to fraternize. He’s not even allowed to telephone his American lawyers and he’s facing extradition to the U.S. He is not allowed to prepare a defense.”

-John Pilger on Assange’s condition following his visit

See interview here.

Please keep in mind, Julian is serving a term in the U.K. for breaching bail which is not a serious Category A crime, yet his rights have been removed and they placed him in Belmarsh. Belmarsh is called “Britain’s Gitmo.” He is being treated worse than the worst criminals in there. It took them 2 months to let him see an optician and then one of the lenses was bad.

The U.K. judicial system and prison system is just as corrupt as the United States’. If Julian is left in prison for much longer, we will lose him, end of story.

We will lose this generation’s source of truth and we will lose our right to know. We will lose a hero. Do you really want his blood on your hands?

One thought on “John Pilger Interviewed by RT Speaks of Julian Assange’s Deteriorating Health

  1. Frank Ellsworth Lockwood

    Grievous miscarriage of justice and denial of human rights: The right to tell each other the truth about devious doings in high places.


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