Assange’s Health is Quickly Deteriorating

In an interview yesterday with John Shipton (JulianAssange’s father) on @3CR (link to program here) reiterated the chilling message from @johnpilger about Assange’s failing health and urgency required by the Australian government to aid in his freedom. Shipton said Julian’s younger brother had been able to visit him in Belmarsh Prison and found Assange to be “emaciated, suffering anxiety and his well-being declining rapidly.”

Mr. Shipton also stated that the prison is purposely scheduling medical appts to shorten loved ones visits.

This breaks my heart but is an even bigger call to action for us to win this. We must daily call our elected officials, President Trump, the DOJ, Scott Morrison and Boris Johnson. Clog their mail with constant letters. Fill their voicemails. Send them hundreds of postcards demanding Assange’s freedom.

We must fight to free him and do it now before he dies in prison. Please help save this man! Fight!

5 thoughts on “Assange’s Health is Quickly Deteriorating

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    1. Lydia O'Neill

      This is Inhumanely Cruel
      How can the Leaders of the Nations
      Stand by and be silent
      Jesus Said “Inasmuch as you have done it
      Unto one of the least of these you have
      Done it Unto Me ”
      All must stand before the Judgrment Seat of Christ.
      This is the Truth.. Not because one believes it It Is the Truth whether we
      Believe it or not !!!
      God Be The Judge and Reward Accordingly.


  2. Sally Mitcheell

    What is happening to the world and its people to allow the disintegration of a caring and honest being.He showed the inhuman treatment of people created by war. How do men do this and then go home and play happy families. There is something seriously wrong in the world. It makes me feel very hollow and I talk about Julian Assange to every one I can.


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