Do Not Believe The Lie Being Spread That Julian Assange is Dead

We’ve heard this story over and over since 2016, even after proof of life was given repeatedly (including videos, him on the balcony and finally his arrest) it has continued. No matter who visits him or states his current condition, there is always someone babbling on as though they are some kind of insider and quoting unconfirmed reports or close sources to Wikileaks. Too many of these false reports have circulated.Here is a prime example.tweet seen hereNo you can’t see Assange right now. He’s in a high security prison. He is sending letters to supporters like this one (see below), he is still trying to communicate via those who write to him.If that is not proof enough, John Pilger recently spoke of his visit to Julian as seen here:Stop with the proof of life garbage and help us free him. Spreading the conspiracy theories about him undermines his support. As Christine Assange once said, “We need Wikileaks warriors, nit worriers.”

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