A Letter From Julian Assange To A Supporter

In a letter written to a supporter Julian Assange appears to be giving suggestions on where supporters should protest. From people4assange on Twitter they have nicely made the letter easier to read seen below.

Transcript: Thank you for fighting to save my life
Please also look into similar protest actions at those sites with organisations that can be influenced and which are not used to protest(s) or have difficulty defending against it ideologically. Possible examples: Le Monde, RSF Liberation (RSF do more defend their writer and “source”, BBC France, ARTE, ??
Australian embassy (do more) or consulate, UK Chamber of commerce, French ?? (or other elite gathering holes.) In some cases eg perhaps RSF if they have been helpful it may make more sense to have the protest ‘drop in’ on the way somewhere else rather than create feelings of adversary, but protests are very powerful for an office not used to them, even if everyone pretends otherwise. I know having been in one. Please adapt the above to local conditions. I am very isolated and not sure of the state of play, but you get the idea; push on that which will move, not simply that which opposes. Said another way, find weak links in the chain that binds me.

There is a lot to be said for this simple letter from Assange. He believes we can free him.

Ariyana Love also received a letter from Assange seen below:

It states the following:

“It is people like you, great and small, fighting to save my life that keeps me going. We can win this!”

We need to keep sending him uplifting letters even if he doesn’t write back. Here are some instructions and his address to write him.

Please send short personal letters and include a stamped self-addressed return envelope. You may include photos or drawings (regular paper). No postcards, sensitive material or loose stamps. You can purchase stamps from the U.K. at this link. shop.royalmail.com

Also, you cannot send loose stamps, they must be placed on a return envelope with your address.

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