Julian Assange Update

Julian Assange is still on the Belmarsh Prison Hospital Ward according to John Pilger. He spoke of his barbaric treatment, his isolation and his deteriorating health. The denial of his needs to defend himself were also outlined. If this is the precursor of the treatment he will receive stateside, we should also be worried. They are denying his basic rights to speak with his lawyers and treating him like a caged animal rather than the human he is.

Hearing that his health is deteriorating upsets me. We cannot lose this man after all he went through to help us see the truth. His rights have been bulldozed and violated endlessly, they found him guilty without proper time for a defense while the judge called him narcisstic, and they basically stole his belongings at the Embassy with no one present. The press and many politicians have mobbed him endlessly and literally lied about his character. Do you know why they do this?

Here is Julian’s mother, Christine Assange’s statement about this:

Mrs. Christine Assange‏ (@AssangeMrs, Julian’s mom) on this:

“WHY do Julian Assanges persecutors & their media focus on smearing Julians CHARACTER? To divert attention AWAY from his WORK ! From his 100 % proven accurate, multi-award winning JOURNALISM exposing THEIR crimes & corruption! DONT assist them! FOCUS on his WORK!”

Christine’s Tweet seen here

If we respond to their character assissination with facts, it will help the brainwashed public by educating them with the truth. We must reach out far and wide to save this man’s life. We cannot let him die in prison like a common criminal.

My heart bleeds for my hero. I fight for him to help others fight as well. I am trying to draw your attention away from the daily MSM drama to help fight for a man who only wanted the truth to be known. Please write your elected officials today and demand his freedom.

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