A Reminder

Therefore the law is powerless, and justice never goes forth.
For the wicked surround the righteous; therefore perverse judgment proceeds.”
Hab 1:4

I read this powerful verse and our generation comes to mind, especially in the case of Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning. While they used the truth to expose the unjust, the establishment turned on them for sharing the truth with the people. Justice was not served but severely perverted. The criminals walk free while the truthtellers are jailed. This makes our laws powerless. It makes truth and justice a lark.

Our judicial system has ben corrupted, our politicians have become liars and murderers and our laws the biggest joke of them all. How can we sit peacefully as they ignore what is right and allow justice to be destroyed? For truly, what they are doing to Assange and Manning is perverse and barbaric.

It truly hurts my very soul to watch this atrocity in action. They are bankrupting one to make an example of her and slowly martyring the other. Our system is broken. Our governments tyrranical and the population so brainwashed by propaganda it is hard to wake them up. However, we must break through their fog and bring them to the light of truth. It is up to us to awaken them and stop their complacency. It is our duty. The catastrophic results from the case are too important to simply ignore. The future depends on it. Our lives depend on real justice being demanded by the people.

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