Assange IS In More Danger Than You Think By Being Extradited

The facts coming out on the Jeffrey Epstein “suicide” case makes me even more leary of Assange being extradited. According to many media sources, Epstein was removed off of suicide watch only 2 weeks after being found unconcious on the floor of his cell from what was supposedly his first attempt. Why would any psychiatrist or psychologist in his right mind do this? Then we hear that Epstein’s guards fell “asleep” for two hours during the time Epstein supposedly committed suicide. Conveniently, the cameras weren’t working as was the case in the Seth Rich murder in 2016. This was a high profile child-trafficking case with many well-known politicians and celebrity names being thrown around. If they can’t keep a man like Epstein alive, how can we possibly think they would be able to do so with Assange?

Let’s face it folks, most people around Epstein said he was not in the least suicidal. His death gave a lot of elites relief. It also raises a lot of questions about how safe our prisons are.

This whole thing will be swept under the rug. No one else will be charged in the case and it will be soon forgotten.

Which is exactly what the establishment wants us to do about Assange. They want us to forget this hero and Chelsea Manning. That’s why there is no mention by Mainstream Media since his arrest. If they let it rest, people will move on to the next high class drama and Assange and Manning will slowly be destroyed. If they manage to extradite him, he will be another “suicide”, with no camera proof and the guards will be asleep.

People, we can’t let this happen to an innocent man. We cannot stand back and let the judicial systems martyr him. He is guilty of nothing but exposing injustice. If you forget Assange and sit passively while they assassinate him slowly, you are a willing participant in his death. His blood is on your hands. It is a chilling thought to think of being guilty of murder, but doing nothing in this case at least makes you an accessory. Don’t let people forget him. Don’t let him die because you did nothing. Please I beg of you to save this hero. Don’t let them kill a modern day prophet like they did JFK or silence him for so long like they did Nelson Mandela. He has been effectively gagged, he needs us to save his life now!

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