Complacency Will Not Save Our Heroes But Create Martyrs

Every time I see the arrest video of Assange and pictures of it, I still find it devastating. It breaks my heart to see such a courageous man look so frail. To understand 4 supposed civilized governments did this to one man ,completely baffles me, but knowing the U.S. empire bullied 3 of those countries into submission pisses me off. The United States once stood for freedom, truth and justice. It now is no more than a disgusting oligarchy bent on ruling the world, Roman empire style.

The attitude if they won’t let us rule them then we will break them has become the attitude of the 3 letter agencies in the U.S. Even then, it is one thing to go after a country, another to destroy and martyr one of the greatest journalists of our time. They are hell-bent on slowly murdering Assange. He published their secrets and to this country that means revenge. Not once has the truth that Wikileaks revealed been called lies.

Instead Assange is viewed by the establishment as a terrorist. Instead of doing something about the despicable crimes they committed in Afghanistan and Iraq, they seek to further cover it up. In fact, they have warned the ICC (international criminal court) that they will arrest any judge who tries the villians who committed those atrocities against humanity. Why are the citizens of the United States not screaming for justice?

I’ll tell you why. There are several reasons.

  1. They are too busy slaving away to survive. Some work 7 days a week and barely make ends meet. What time is left, they try to use to raise a family.
  2. The propaganda machine legalized in 2013, ( you can read about it here), has literally brainwashed the population through government funded media. Thousands of hours are published and released monthly.
  3. People have become complacent. They no longer have enough compassion to care about others. They are selfish and have the “why should I care?” attitude.

Some say the passiveness is caused by flouride in the water which chemically alters our brain chemistry or the additives in the food. Whatever the reason, Anericans only will care when it happens to them. They are comfortable watching the world and time fly by. It’s pathetic. For the average citizen, they’d rather keep their mouth shut and go on living life rather than fight for the rights they are consistently losing.

So while they lose more and more freedom, people like Manning, Assange and Snowden remain incarcerated or refugees for risking their lives to show them what their government is really doing. While Assange slowly deteriorates in prison, Manning is fined a thousand dollars a day and Snowden is stuck in Russia, they go on selfishly with their lives.

While John Pilger reminds us not to forget Assange, the general public either doesn’t know who he is or simply doesn’t care or has been successfully blinded by MSM.

Many think that Assange is better off being extradited, but after the Epstein “suicide”, it is obvious he would not be safe in the current prison system. He is already fragile and in ill-health both mentally and physically. He would be either “suicided” or simply die in our prison system.

We cannot count on either Britain’s justice system or politicians to save him. We need to pressure them through constant letters and phone calls. We must protest to save Assange, free Manning and get a pardon for Snowden. We cannot delay. We cannot remain passive. Complacency will end with our rights ending and tyranny taking over. We must fight and we must fight now! Unless you want these 3 men to become martyrs….

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