Deportation of Assange To Australia Could Still Result in Extradition to the U.S.

In a briefing to as many as 30 Australian Parliament members, Jennifer Robinson, Assange’s lawyer, explained the terrible circumstances Julian is facing. She also mentioned that there is a deportation notice issued by the U.K., if Britain doesn’t extradite to the U.S., to Australia. Some may think this is good news. It’s not.

Immediately after the deportation, it is extremely likely the U.S. government will immediately put out an extradition warrant to Australia under the U.S./ Australian extradition treaty. This will mean yet another long, drawn out legal fight and more time behind bars as Assange would be viewed as a flight risk.

What this means is the rest of Assange’s working life behind bars and silencing him for many years. If Australia does not accept him as a deportee, I am unsure of what would happen. The idea of Assange being brought home as a free man is wonderful. Unfortunately it is not likely. He should be allowed to choose the country where he wants to go. Assange has been tortured enough.

In a Twitter statement, John Pilger spoke of a recent visit to Assange in Belmarsh in their hospital ward:

We must not forget this hero! We must fight for his freedom now before it is too late! Do not let this man die in prison!

One thought on “Deportation of Assange To Australia Could Still Result in Extradition to the U.S.

  1. Wendy McKinney

    I am outraged that Julian Assange is being treated so horribly. He has only exposed the corruption and truth of certain individuals that wish to silence him forever. This man has done nothing wrong he should immediately be set free and exonerated of all bogus charges. The truth seekers must stand up and fight for this man’s freedom. There’s an old saying that The Truth Hurts, apparently this applies to many that have been exposed by Mr. Assange for what they really are. These despicable individuals are gloating that Mr. Assange is in prison and can’t speak out freely, knowing all along that they are the ones that should be in his place. It is vital that we take a stand and defend the First Amendment of free speech and pray for Julian’s mental, spiritual and physical well-being.


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