First They Came For Assange..

According to CNBC (article seen here), 251 journalists last year were arrested and many more were being investigated. The attack on free press continues to widen as Assange was arrested in April for his journalism work. ABC in Australia was served a search warrant for their Afghan leaks as well. The latest news is that Glenn Greenwald is being accused of a crime in Brazil. The list will continue to grow as the precedent is set by the U.S. government in the Assange case.

Many of these countries claim to fight for press freedom and free speech who in the same breath, attack journalists worldwide. The hypocrisy of these nations is astounding. Keep in mind, the majority of journalists jailed were accused of publishing “anti-state” articles because they exposed crimes within those nations.

First they came for Assange and no one cared.

Then they came for the rest of the journalists. We don’t know what happened after that because there was no one left to tell us the truth.

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