Special Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer Releases Letters Written to 4 Countries Involved in the Assange Case As Well As 2 Responses

Early this morning, Nils Melzer, the U.N.special rapporteur on torture, released his letter to the United States, the U.K., Ecuador and Sweden regarding Assange. He also posted the United States and Sweden’s responses here and here.

In the response from the U.S., they deny the assessment that Assange would “be exposed to a real risk of torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. ” They also claim he would receive a fair trial in the U.S. which is only the beginning of their bogus rhetoric.

They denied accusations of participating in the public mobbing, intimidation, defamation and psychological torture of Assange. The U.S. claims that any statements made were by media figures, political figures and that they cannot be held accountable for those statements made. They also stated in the letter, “The United States takes its obligations under international human rights law very seriously, ”and “Individuals extradited to the United States are afforded due process under U.S. law and fair trial guarantees.”

Anyone who has followed the Assange case for any length of time knows that their statements are fabricated distortions of what the truth is. They hid the fact there was a grand jury against him. Reopened a new one to keep Manning behind bars and lied about the extradition they had planned in order to deceive his supporters. We also know that the defamation and slander came from the government controlled media propaganda spread in order to portray Assange as an evil villian rather than a hero.

Letters written by Stratfor (the Texas headquartered “global intelligence” company) which were published by Wikileaks show the intentions of the U.S. government for Assange (files can be seen on Wikileaks website here).

Since the very beginning, the United States has had intentions of torturing Assange and treating him unfairly. As a rule, anything the State department says is a lie.

In an article by the Sydney Morning Herald seen here:

Melzer said Assange’s “cognitive and sensory capacity have been, and still are significantly impaired” after his six-year confinement at Ecuador’s London embassy.

Assange showed symptoms of sustained exposure to “severe psychological stress, anxiety and related mental and emotional suffering” which could cause “major depressive and post-traumatic stress disorders,” Melzer said.

If he was extradited to the US “his current condition is likely to deteriorate dramatically, with severe and long-term psychological and social sequels”.

Melzer said he was gravely concerned that US authorities intend to “make an example” of Assange, to punish him personally and to deter others.

He feared that “Mr. Assange will be confronted with overly expansive charges and subjected to excessively severe criminal sanctions”.

Melzer said Assange’s mental state was caused by his treatment by Britain, Sweden, the US and Ecuador.

In the same article, Sweden’s response was:

Sweden, in a reply dated July 12, said the action of prosecutors against Assange had been independent from government and their proportionality had been tested and confirmed by the Swedish Supreme Court.

It said it “strongly refutes” Melzer’s implication that prosecutors were doing anything other than investigating allegations of rape and sexual assault made against Assange.

None of these countries are going to admit guilt in this case and will continue to deny the truth. They wull hide their behavior as much as possible and claim they adhere to international law in this case, while behind closed doors they will continue to violate Assange’s human rights. Only we can save him from the corrupt governments involved. Only we can correct the media smears and help others to see the truth. Assange can no longer defend himself but relies on us to save his life from the real life monsters who want to silence him forever.
The U.N. has done what they can in calling for his release, exposing the human rights violations and even making statements in his defense. Nils Melzer has been a breath of fresh air in this case and he deserves our support.

If we do nothing to save Assange, we are guilty of everything that happens by remaining silent and passive. We must stand up to the horror playing out and be heroes ourselves in order to see justice win!

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