Update On Ola Bini Being Held Without Charge By Ecuador

In a B-rated movie most would imagine such an atrocity happening to a computer programmer overseas, but this was real life for Ola Bini.

Shortly after Assange’s arrest, Swedish computer programmer and internet activist, Ola Bini was also detained only by the Ecuadorian government. Held in subhuman quarters without charge for months, he was finally allowed to be freed from his horrible prison situation but must remain in Ecuador.

With special permission from Mr. Bini I am publishing his own words.

I was detained and imprisoned on April 11, by the Ecuador government. This detention happened without valid cause and with a large amount of irregularities. I have never committed a crime, and I’m innocent.

The prosecution still, after more than 100 days, have not presented any charges. They still have not said what computer systems I’m supposed to have attacked. They still have absolutely no evidence of anything.

Properly speaking, this investigation should have been done on July 13th. But the prosecution has decided to drag in another innocent person into the investigation, in order to gain 30 more days.

So, while I was released from prison on June 20th through a successful Habeas Corpus petition, this unjust persecution still continues. We don’t know when they will give up. But, we will prevail. Thanks for believing in me.

Please, keep in mind that Ola is a good friend of Assange’s. It seems they hoped to gain more information about Julian. Ecuador has basically declared him guilty by association. There is no evidence of him doing anything illegal. The injustices committed by Ecuador continue to add up.

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