The CIA’s Intelligence Authorization Bill Criminalizes Reporting On What Our Government is Secretly Doing In Our Name

We Americans need to know what is going on for more than one reason. Our country is already known for its many human rights violations and war crimes. We are known as the empire for a reason. Our government truthfully seeks to rule the whole world. We cause chaos, destroy cities and hospitals. We bomb the innocent and our media lies to us about it. They tell us it’s all in the name of freedom and democracy.

This law will make holding torturers and war criminals accountable impossible!

Now, our intelligence agencies want to criminalize any media organization who would share the names of those who commit those crimes. They want to not only hide the crimes from us but prosecute anyone who exposes those who are behind them. The next step to 1984’s Big Brother is being made into law. Soon, the “ministry of truth” and “doublespeak” will be made a reality.

Everything about the world Orwell envisioned has become so obvious that one keeps running up against the novel’s narrative shortcomings.

~Julian Assange

The whole main frame of the bill is to prevent organizations like Wikileaks to even exist.

Every year, Congress passes the Intelligence Authorization Bill in order to fund it’s intelligence agencies but this year it includes a secrecy law that would shield those who commit torture and prosecute those who reveal the names of the torturers. (Example would be the publisher who revealed Gina Haspel was involved in the CIA torture program).

According to the New York Times (article seen here):

The C.I.A.’s proposal “seriously expands the felony criminal penalties that could be used against journalists, against whistle-blowers and against public-interest organizations,” said Emily Manna, a policy analyst for Open the Government, a group promoting accountability. “It opens the door to a ton of abuses and secrecy to a much greater extent,” she said.

The C.I.A. also argued that lawmakers’ original rationale for only protecting agents abroad — that they faced special physical danger — was “no longer valid” because “organizations such as WikiLeaks” are willing to go to great lengths to publish government secrets, and because of the fallout from revelations about the C.I.A.’s defunct torture program, according to a copy of the agency’s written justification for the proposal obtained by The New York Times.

Between the Espionage Act which is being used to indict Assange for publishing war crimes and this new intelligence act, publishing any kind of military crime or exposing those involved will now be a federal offense to ANYONE in the world who publishes them.

We the people own this country, not the CIA. We pay the taxes to fund their operations. Literally, we pay for them to spy on us, lie to us and to do the other horrible acts they commit. Now, they want to prosecute those who expose their illegal activities. Has the U.S. become the Mafia? Are we going to let tyranny take us over? Are we going to passively allow this violation of the 1st amendment to take place? When did Americans stop caring about their right to information????

If they destroy our ability to know what they are doing secretly, what other horrific crimes will they be capable of? What will happen in your own backyard?

One thought on “The CIA’s Intelligence Authorization Bill Criminalizes Reporting On What Our Government is Secretly Doing In Our Name

  1. Shona Davidson

    Seems they are going down a very dodgy road.
    You will be living in a country which has no freedom to have any different opinion from the government of the day. Not a country in which I would want to live.
    I am incensed at the immoral cruelty which has been perpetrated against Julian Assange, using him as a showcase and willing to torture him under the old and outworn Espionage Act for bringing truth to light.
    The more Julian Assange is persecuted, the more people learn about the truth of the matter, that he in no way deserves this heinous punishment by a bullying government.
    The emperor has no clothes.
    Thank you again for your good work, Angel,


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