American Workers AKA The Average Joe Are Slaves To the Elite

Most lower to middle class people have become slaves. They go to work day in and day out for a check that barely pays the bills. They go in debt for a house they only sleep in and for a car, when and if they pay it off, will be worth about 10% of what they pay it. That is if you make enough money to have a good credit score.

Heres how this problem started to begin with. The corporations who sell the things we buy wanted to become filthy rich so they schemed. They put in place the idea that things matter more than anything else. They brainwashed people into thinking they had to compete with the Jones’s. They made people believe that things would make them happy somehow. Then they got with the banks and created credit. Now people could buy things without having the cash ahead of time.

So the corporations and the elite are happy and now so are the bankers because they are rolling in the heavenly dollar. However, the people who are in debt up to their asses aren’t.

Now instead of coming home and enjoying family time, they are working overtime and sometimes a second job and never will be out of debt. Add to this the outrageous cost of medical bills, interest rates on their student loans and food prices skyrocketing….

Get the picture folks? All those things you bought will never make you happy. It only makes things worse. Americans are slaves.

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