The Media Silence on the Torture and Slow Assassination of Assange

You would think when one of their own is being slowly crucified by the biggest empire in the world, the media would be screaming from the rooftops. Instead, we don’t even hear crickets when it comes to Assange. Just dead silence, as the greatest journalist of our time slowly deteriorates. It’s absolutely maddening to know that freedom of press means that little to mainstream media.

The answer to why is pretty simple. 99% of media, with the exception of independent media, are owned by six companies.

When these 6 corporations basically control the news and what you see and hear, why should they care about a publisher who isn’t owned by them. In fact, the U.S. government pretty much controls the news and since they want Assange dead, I guarantee they have ordered every news agency to avoid speaking on the Assange case. What you should ask yourself is this, if they will censor the truth about Assange, what else aren’t they telling you?

The media had no problem using the data Wikileaks released as damning evidence but condemned the publisher who released it. While they benefit with the ratings, ad revenue and raises, Assange languishes in prison. The hypocrisy is not only shocking but revolting.

Not a word on the torture and human rights violations or the nauseating injustice being displayed as they slowly murder Assange. No tears of sadness from Maddow like she cried when Trump won. No foot stomping, no pleas for justice, only attacks on his character and lies about who he truly is. It turns my stomach.

The only reason his arrest was in the news was because it was another exhibition of “dirty laundry.” Sometimes, I think these news reporters actually find pleasure and stimulation from others’ pain. You can almost see them feeding on it like a group of vultures.

The fact is, media is no longer a source for true information but more of an entertainment center. If you want the truth, look to your independent journalists. Many make very little and still investigate the facts. An old adage that is so true is ” Never believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.”

The truth is out there but you must look for it.

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