The Man Julian Assange

Tortured. Persecuted. Character Assassinationation. False Accusations.Media mobbing. Illegally Detained. Asylum Illegally Revoked. Personal Belongings Seized. Incarcerated. These are words used to describe Assange’s situation. His life has been a living hell for 9 years and just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for our hero, Bam! Extradition Warrant to the U.S. Six months to a year in Belmarsh. 18 indictments. Like a crazy movie that most would think was unbelievable, yet this is real.

Russian Operative. Spy. Narcisstic. Terrorist. Rapist. Hacker. All words the media uses to describe Assange to make him appear evil. He’s been mobbed by media and threatened by politicians for 9 years. 9 long, lonely years where many of his friends turned against him. 7 of which he spent in a small room in an embassy in political asylum which was revoked and ended in his arrest.

Sympathy. Compassion. Empathy. Love. Caring. Affection. Sunlight. Fresh Air. Exercise. Words Assange deserves but barely ever gets. A painful, agonizing life spent alone and attacked.

Isolation. Solitary Confinement. Psychological Torture. Apathy. Hatred. He’s endured all these things and more.

Why? You ask. Assange did his job as a publisher and journalist and exposed the war crimes the U.S. committed but didn’t want anyone knowing about. The U.S. destroyed innocent lives, lied to its citizens and then was angry when Wikileaks shared those secrets.

Julian Assange only did what any good media editor would do. The New York Times and Washington Post did it with the Pentagon Papers. The Guardian did it with the Snowden files. Yet they haven’t had a sleazy campaign set up to destroy them or their funds literally stolen. They aren’t looking at life in behind bars or worse yet the death penalty.

Julian Assange faces 175 years in prison for doing his job. He believed in government transparency and the truth. He could not stand to just ignore the injustices being committed around him. He did what was right and good. In exchange, he was falsely accused of rape, hacking and other horrible words to destroy his character. He was tortured and physically threatened because he wanted justice.

To me this is a hero not a criminal. This is a man with integrity and soul. This is a man who deserves medals. This is a man who deserves to be free!

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