The Hypocrisy of the Global Conference for Media Freedom

The global conference for media freedom is being held currently in the United Kingdom which is quite hypocritical in itself. This is the country that illegally detained Julian Assange for nearly 9 years for publishing the truth. It is the country that Tommy Robinson is seeking asylum from. It is also the country that Assange was named diplomat for Ecuador, was refused that status and is now incarcerated waiting to be extradited to the U.S. where he may face the death penalty. How can a country claim to advocate for press freedom when it destroys it?

The conference also excluded Sputik and RT which are both well-known Russian media agenies. Basically, this whole media freedom conference isn’t for people who report on establishment corruption or those who disagree with the government’s agenda, it is simply a superficial example of appeasing the sheep.

Even Australia was there claiming to support press freedom after only a short time ago, their police raided ABC news. This whole conference is nothing but a shit show. It is a make believe joke that those of who know better are shaking our heads at. It is a shame that they only support those who report their propaganda.

Enjoy the show, I vote it best comedy of the year!

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