Prosecutor in the Epstein Case is James Comey’s Daughter

Florida Billionaire Jeffery Epstein was arrested in New York Saturday for child trafficking. He faces up to 45 years in prison. The problem is his prosecutor is none other than former FBI director James Comey’s daughter, Maurene Comey, who participated in the 2017 pussy march. Will Epstein actually face justice?

However, according to the Daily Mail:

Her tenure at the Justice Department’s Manhattan office, which has a reputation for being the toughest group of federal prosecutors in the country, has included work on cases involving alleged racketeering, drugs and weapons crimes, embezzlement, obstruction of justice, and robbery, according to Law & Crime.

It remains to be seen what will come from this case if anything. Epstein formerly served 13 months for soliciting a minor for sex in 2006 and is a registered sex offender. His island has been nicknamed “Pedo Island” and his plane known as the “Lolita Express” has flown many well known politicians and others like Prince Harry. Will Epstein spill the beans? The future holds the answers.

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