Update: Swedish Prosecutors on Assange

Swedish prosecutors announced this week, “it is currently not on the cards to issue a European investigation order…” after nearly 9 years. Just a few months ago, they were calling for extradition to “question” him about the sexual allegations. For now, they will be analyzing evidence. The real question here is how can you analyse evidence when it was destroyed by Ny in May of 2017 after Sweden had questioned Assange a 2nd time in this case and dropped allegations?

Is this how justice is served in Sweden?

In several tweets by @BellaMagnani on Twitter the following points are also raised.

Nothing about the sexual allegation case against Assange has been done properly from the get go. From Ny reopening the case after the first prosecutor closed it due to lack of evidence, to the fake torn condom submitted by Anna Ardin with no DNA whatsover, to the recent reopening of the case, it has been a circus show. I wonder what the U.S. used to coerce Sweden to do so?

In Newsweek’s op-ed by Nils Melzer, the U.N. special rapporteur on torture, he states:

But how do you break a political dissident, a promoter of truth and transparency? Well, first you attack his reputation and credibility, and destroy his human dignity. You maintain a constant trickle of poisonous rumors, first half-truths and then increasingly bold lies. You keep him suspected of rape without trial, of hacking and spying, and of smearing feces on Embassy walls. You portray him as an ungrateful narcissist with a cat and a skateboard, whose only aim is self-glorifying exceptionalism.

By making him unlikeable in the eyes of the world, you ensure no one will feel any empathy, so once his voice is muzzled and his isolation complete, he can be burned at the stake with impunity. Most importantly, having degraded him to a clown for the entertainment of all, you will have diverted attention from his spotlight on your own crimes. Next, you make sure that any attempt of his to expose your lies comes at the cost of extradition to a hanging judge in a land bent to see his head on a stick, where torturers enjoy impunity. You then pressure his country of refuge into submission – military and economic leverage never fail – and you turn his protectors into enemies, and his daily existence into attritive hell.

The method is deliberate, concerted, and sustained, and employs isolation, hostility, and shame. Whether you call it “bullying,” “mobbing,” or “persecution” – in essence it is all the same. It purposefully inflicts severe mental suffering and aims to coerce, punish, and intimidate. It is thus, under international law, nothing else than full-fledged psychological torture. Mind you, psychological torture is neither ‘soft’ nor ‘light’. It aims straight at the destruction of your innermost self, albeit without leaving a physical trace. It targets your emotions, your mind and your dignity, and instills chronic shame and anxiety. Through relentless over-stimulation, confusion and stress, it eventually causes total exhaustion, cardiovascular failure and nervous collapse.

I highly recommend reading this incredibly written article by Melzer on the persecution and derailment of Assange.

Nils Melzer also tweeted about this case and stated the following:

As a Swiss/Swedish national, I would never claim that Sweden is a “lawless society”, but I have concluded that, in this case, the responsible authorities have deliberately abused Swedish law, procedures & institutions for the purpose of persecuting #Assange. @Klamberg @AjVBlog

Whatever legal system you apply, it gravely violates human rights to publicly portray #Assange as a rape suspect for 9yrs without formal indictment despite questioning him twice & having full access to all evidence, none of which supports the State’s suspicion. @Klamberg @AjVBlog

Has there ever been such a case? The Sweden judicial system set a dangerous precedent by opening and reopening this case, not once but three times. Not to mention, a huge media conference stating they wanted to again extradite after closing it and destroying the case material, to simply question Assange for a third time.

Was this just another effort to be able to extradite Assange to the U.S. and let the U.K. off the hook if they deny extradition?

According to 21stcenturywire.com:

Swedish prosecutors have this week announcedthat for the time being they will not be issuing a European Investigation Order (EIO) to interview Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks. According to Sweden’s Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, Eva-Marie Persson,”…it is currently not on the cards to issue a European investigation order…” For now, they will be analysing evidence before making a decision regarding procedure. So, how is it possible she is now not in a position to interview him – yet two months ago she requested his detention so that she could issue a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) against him and start an extradition process?
If Swedish prosecutors are to follow through with this latest investigation attempt, it will have been the third time that Assange will have been interviewed by Swedish authorities for what is essentially the same inquiry. If Persson is not in a position to proceed with an EIO, how can it have been practical or proportionate for her in May to have pursued his detention for the purpose of extraditing him to Sweden from the UK? According to the 2014 legislation by the European Court of Justice, authorities not in a position to prosecute do not require an EAW, but should carry out investigation through an investigation order. In fact, a Swedish court called the Swedish prosecutor’s request for Assange’s detention disproportionate and refused to grant it on June 3rd, suggesting that at least some judges and authorities are deferring to the European Court regarding EAW issuance and proportionality.

The sexual allegations case is simply meant to destroy Assange in the eyes of the average Joe to make it easier for the U.S. to legally prosecute and destroy him without backlash from the public. However, they are assuming we are fools and don’t see through their attempts to violate the very Constitution our country was founded on. The world knows this is an attempt to silence a journalist who exposed the criminal behavior of the U.S. military complex.

Don’t shoot the messenger!

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