Supporting Assange is Supporting Free Speech

I know I preach Assange day in and day out but his freedom is important. Do you know why? His persecution is our rights being violated. Every right we have as humans have been violated in this case or at least damn close to it. The worst though is our right to speak out against oppression and war crimes. Our free speech is at stake while he languishes in Belmarsh prison. His freedom is literally our freedom.

Julian Assange is no mealy-mouthed, genteel saint who never bites back. He’s scrappy, he describes himself as “contentious by nature”, and he really is. He pushes limits of FreeSpeech. For this, his tongue has been cut out, his freedom corralled. Still not a Criminal. He never will be. He’s certainly not perfect or close to it. He’s not a machine or a politician. He’s not an elite or a rich man. He is a gentle intellect who stood up to possibly the biggest bully in history.

The current persecution of Assange is a prime example of the abuse of power used by the U.S. empire to destroy and belittle those who dare question it’s actions. It is setting a legal precedent to take on anyone who exposes it or it’s military actions, regardless of how illegal it may be. The U.S. empire has now become the “Dark Side,” ruled by a deep state oligarchy and driven by greed and the power hungry.

If they destroy Assange, they are shattering our ability to hold them accountable. They are removing our right to speak up when we see something wrong and therefore we are no longer free. We then become ruled by a tyrannical government that is no longer for the people but for those who choose to run it.

Once this precedent is set we don’t stand a chance in hell to regain the freedom it will destroy. We’d have better luck resurrecting the founding fathers or Napoleon.

This isn’t just about the U.S. either. This enables other countries to extradite journalists for espionage because they released information that shows criminal activity. No one will be safe from prosecution worldwide. Be very, very scared folks.

As I said earlier, Assange’s freedom is your freedom. Assange’s destruction is yours.

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