Just A Message On Freedom and Assange

April 11th, 2019

I woke up to the words I never wanted to hear. “Julian Assange was arrested today.” I thought I was speechless but I could hear someone painfully crying out “No!No!No!”

Was that me? I thought as tears began sliding down my face. Pain. Shock. Despair. Then anger. Then back to grief. It was like I’d lost a loved one the pain was so sharp.

I felt defeated. All the hard work his supporters including Unity4J seemed to have been useless. Assange was in U.K. custody after we fought so hard. It is still devastating to me to watch them carry his frail body out of the embassy. In fact, it is so unbearable I refuse to look.

He now faces 175 years or possibly the death penalty if the U.S. succeeds in extraditing him. Many officials would like to see him tried as a terrorist. Can you imagine the precedent it will set if they do try a journalist as a terrorist? Who said America is free? Free of what? Compassion and dignity? Justice?

On this 4th of July I want to remind Americans who celebrate their freedom that the arrest and extradition of Assange is the beginning of the end of your so called freedom.you are not in the least but free. They enslaved us with taxes and corporate tyranny a long time ago. Our freedom was taken away slowly while you sat in your arm chairs and clapped for war and regime changes.

For me, to watch another person like Assange suffer is heartbreaking. We sit passively while our country destroys our heroes and salutes our criminals. We are happy to make it through the day, to compete with the Jones’s and to buy, buy, buy. The very moral fabric of this country is being shredded and all we care about is lining the corporations pockets with our hard earned money to buy the latest high tech gizmo that spies on us.

While we celebrate our freedom ( what is left of it), a man languishes in prison that told us the truth. He warned us we are the last free generation, but Americans don’t seem to care about future generations. They are more concerned with whether their house is as nice as their neighbors.

Meanwhile, the corrupt officials we elected screw us out of our wages, enslave us and line their pockets. The greedy bastards are destroying our rights and we fight with eachother over left and right, when they are the same damn bird.

They propagandize us in order to keep us divided so they can kill our Constitution and brainwash us into believing it is for our own good.

So go ahead and stay complacent. Don’t fight for free speech and free press. Watch your fireworks and eat your hot dogs. Go on with your life. You were warned!

In the mean time, those of us who are awake and calling for the freedom of Assange will continue our fight and some may even be arrested. We prefer the truth over the lies.

Free Assange.

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