In Defense of Nils Melzer

As a rape survivor at the age of 14, I can tell you the supposed women attacking Nils Melzer are not truly rape survior supporters as they attacked many of us who pointed out facts on the Assange rape allegations. Their open letter is nothing more than an attack on a man’s career full of disinformaton and smears. Had any of these ladies had the class to actually read up on the Assange case and educated themselves, perhaps this travesty would not have occurred. Instead, they attack a man who had the class to thank them twice in a show of total respect.

Nils Melzer has been nothing but respectful in his correspondence with myself and shows an impeccable sense of loyalty and duty to his title. He is dedicated to his job, yet takes time out of his busy life to address the concerns of others. This is unusual in this day and age.

Had these women investigated the Assange case further they would realize that Melzer was simply stating the facts on the case. Their statements in the open letter only exposes their ignorance at best.

As a rape survivor myself, i find it disgusting and feel appalled by their disrespect to other survivors in the thread. Instead of compassion, they whine like sick puppies that they are being attacked. From my point of view on consensual sex regarding a condom, it is not just the man’s position to ensure it is used properly but also a female’s. In the case of Assange, the women were just as responsible for the proper use of the condom as was Assange. Sofia Wilen was aware the condom had fallen off and yet continued to have sex and consented to it.

When women use sexual harassment and rape to destroy a man’s career when neither took place they make me sick. For those of us who were victims, they make us look like fools. It becomes much harder to prove our own victimization.

The women attacking Nils are neither respectable for their attempt at smearing him and attempting to destroy his career nor should their concerns be heard on the basis that they treated him and those who spoke up with such blatant disregard. They are apparently writing their malarkey with little to no understanding of the real issues here.

I would also like to state that those who allege rape when it did not take place should be prosecuted. They are not only smearing a man and destroying his career but it leaves a scar for life. No one should be put through the horror of false allegations. In the case of Assange, this in fact was another way they tortured him. What about the survivors of false allegations?

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