Only We Can Save Assange

The MSM is on the government payroll and will continue to be silent on the plight of Assange. The only media outlets truly covering his story are low budget with independent journalists like Cassandra Fairbanks, Elizabeth Vos and Caitlin Johnstone at the helm. There is only one way we can free Julian. We have to take it to the streets. Only we can save him from a future of torture and death.

We have to educate others. We need to tell his story far and wide. If we don’t, he will die in prison. The U.S. and U.K. governments both refuse to abide by international law and U.N. rulings in this case. The U.N. has repeatedly called for the release of Assange to no avail. Only the people have the power to change the outcome.

We need a mass movement and show of hands. We need to stand up and say, “No more!”

Julian Assange’s fight has to be our fight. If we allow this injustice to continue, we are giving up not only our rights but our very freedom. He represents so much more than just a journalist. What happens to Assange happens to us all. There are no excuses for inaction.

Please put aside your fears and tell his story and recruit more advocates to help free Assange.

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