Assange and the MAGA People Who Are Calling For His Extradition

Anyone who has a heart knows that extraditing Julian Assange to the U.S. will only result in his dying in prison. Those who call out for him to be brought to the U.S. so he can “testify”aren’t thinking at all. They are not taking into consideration it was the Trump administration who had him silenced and then kicked out of the embassy which resulted in his arrest.Have you MAGA people asked yourself why his administration really did this?

If Trump truly wanted his knowledge or access to the supposed files you conclude he has, Trump could have easily offered him immunity when Rand Paul suggested it. Remember, he was only silenced right before his testimony in the Cambridge Analytics case. What was he going to expose that he was so quickly silenced?

According to the New York Times, (article seen here):

Our report that a political firm hired by the Trump campaign acquired access to private data on millions of Facebook users has sparked new questions about how the social media giant protects user information.

Cambridge Analytica, a political data firm hired by President Trump’s 2016 election campaign, gained access to private information on more than 50 million Facebook users. The firm offered tools that could identify the personalities of American voters and influence their behavior.

Cambridge has been largely funded by Robert Mercer, the wealthy Republican donor, and Stephen K. Bannon, a former adviser to the president who became an early board member and gave the firm its name. It has pitched its services to potential clients ranging from Mastercard and the New York Yankees to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

So, what would Julian have revealed? Why is the Trump administration so hot to try him? I don’t think it has anything to do with the destruction of the DNC or data that Assange has on Seth Rich either. I dont think Assange has any provable info on who killed Seth.

If the DNC could be destroyed, don’t you think the proof that they cheated Bernie Sanders out of the primary would have done it? Did you ever stop to think that Wikileaks is not biased but about truth and justice? That maybe, just maybe, Assange may have something on either party or Trump?

Maybe, Assange has nothing. He’s not a god who can just say, “Give me the files” and “wa la” they are in his hands. Wikileaks relies on whistleblowers to provide them with their documents. Then they have to be verified. Do you think Julian is like a computer and can store huge amounts of data in his head?

If Assange is extradited, in all likelihood, he will be tortured and given life in prison. He will be silenced forever. It is the Pentagon who wants to destroy him as well, for exposing their crimes.

The Pentagon is kind of like the brain of the U.S.war machine. When Julian released the Afghan Files and Cablegate, it’s like he put sugar in that machine’s gas tank. He did no harm to any person, he simply published documents in the public interest that made the war machine stall. That war machine is angry and wants vengeance.

Julian is not a criminal. He is a gentle, compassionate intellectual who cannot last long in a violent prison. His psychological state has already been affected as well as his physical health. By the time, the extradition process is done in the U.K., Trump will not even be office, even if he is reelected for a second term. By that time, Julian will be in a much worse state then he is now. We can’t let thus man be destroyed by the establishment that wants his annihilation. We cannot let the elite take away our rights or our freedom. We must free Assange!!!

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