DOJ May Go After Wikileaks Staff

DOJ said in a court filing Friday that Chelsea Manning’s testimony is needed for an ongoing investigation into charges or targets not included in the superseding indictment unsealed last month against Julian Assange.

It appears the DOJ intends to indict Wikileaks staff and attempt to destroy the most important media source for government transparency the world has ever seen. If they are able to arrest Wikileaks staff members, they will be able to remove all that Wikileaks has revealed and take down the website. Millions of documents will be lost.

Trump’s DOJ is attempting to destroy our right to know about the criminal activity our government is involved in. It would remove files that would help convict the Clinton cartel that Trump promised he would “lock up.” It is evident Trump promised a lot of things to get elected that he never intended to follow through on.

We cannot allow the extradition of the greatest scientific journalist of our time nor allow the arrest of his staff. By being complacent, we will usher in an “Orwellian” state we may never recover from.

I call on our elected officials to free Assange and I demand any indictments of Wikileaks staff to be dropped immediately.

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