Ecuador Investigation Assange For Spying: Will Embassy Cat Be Arrested?

Ecuador is investigating Assange for supposedly spying in the biggest example of projection ever to come to light. After Wikileaks already proved on April 10th if this year that the Embassy hasd been taking videos of Assange and private documents, Ecuador is trying to turn the tables. They claim that Embassy Cat wore a spying device in fact!

After illegally revoking Assange’s asylum for a 4.6 billion dollar IMF loan, Moreno is trying to save face by accusing Assange of what he is guilty of himself. Next, I expect they will claim Assange tortured staff.

Lenin Moreno and his government would be worth a good laugh if they hadn’t violated so many human rights of their own citizens. Perhaps, the Trump administration should sanction Ecuador for humanitarian reasons instead of Venezuela.

Embassy Cat may be the first animal to be arrested by Ecuador for espionage. Ha!

This is how ridiculous it has become!

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