Amazing Facts About Assange Continued

Julian Assange is a limited edition. There is no one that can ever fill his shoes. Below are some facts you may not know.

  • Assange starred in a music video where he wears a mullet and actually sings in it. It is a mixture of rap and his voice, called “Fear of Infinity” which can be seen here. Actually quite funny in parts.
  • Did you know he guest starred as himself on the Simpsons 500th episode?
  • In 2007 Wikileaks published the procedure manual for Camp Delta, the detention center for Guantanamo Bay?

Some of the below facts are based on a media article and may or may not be true.

According to an article seen on

  • Julian Assange recalls moving over 50 times in his childhood. He was often homeschooled by his mother.
  1. Julian Assange has been threatened by the Church of Scientology, the President of Kenya, Russian off-shore stem-cell centers, the Pentagon, and nearly everyone else

  2. For the first two months of Assange’s stay at the embassy, consul Fidel Narvaez slept there to protect Assange from police hostilities.
  • Assange is rumored to have 4 children. Daniel Assange is his oldest child and was born when ge was 18.

According to many of his friends, Julian is not the megalomaniac the media betrays him as but a gentle, kind, compassionate, soft-spoken gentleman. Many of the lies told about him are simply part of the smear campaign to destroy his character and portray him as a villain. In fact, a good part of the article I quoted above has smears attached. By making him appear to be an asshole, the U.S. government thinks it will be easier to prosecute him. However, many of us know the truth and will continue to educate others in order to free him.

One thought on “Amazing Facts About Assange Continued

  1. kim

    Let him be free!! There is no crime in telling the truth!! The news is full of shady politicians, arrest them and throw away the key!! Assange has always made things transparent, we should all have the right to know the truth!!


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