A Plea to Save Assange’s Life

Tomorrow is the first substantial hearing on the Assange extradition at 9 am U.K. time. It brings to mind when he was brutally arrested by British police. I watched the video once and can never bare to watch it again. It hurts my soul. I shrank to the floor crying out, “No!No! No!!!” The grief was unbearable for several days. I still hurt just seeing pictures.

I cannot understand how these people, (I use the term people lightly), can live with what they are doing to this gentle soul. Assange is not timid, don’t misunderstand my term. He is an intellectual male with a great deal of courage and integrity actually. When I say gentle I mean having or showing a mild, kind, or tender temperament or character.

He wanted to see the injustice of the innocent exposed that it might be stopped and justice handed out to the criminals. He couldn’t stand what he was seeing. Just like I grieve over his arrest, he grieved for those who were hurt by war crimes. Julian Assange only wanted wars to end. He is a hero.

Instead of being rewarded, he has been exploited. Used by media for his Wikileaks documents and then smeared by those same so-called journalists. He did all the work, he is paying the price while they reap the rewards. Remember this the next time you pick up a newspaper or turn on the News. Those people are users.

Then there is the 5 governments I feel are all involved in the persecution and utter torture of Assange. The U.K., the U.S., Sweden and Ecuador are the 4 most obvious. The 5th is Australia for standing by and watching while it’s citizen is destroyed. Australia is just as guilty as the other 4.

Politicians, media and those who do not stand up for Julian have his blood on their hands. Julian Assange is an innocent man. The only thing he is guilty of is caring enough to make a difference. He is sacrificing himself and they are martyring him.

I hold my head in my hands and do my best to not hate those who are hurting him but I cannot help myself. Julian Assange is one of my real life heroes. He’s just a man. He feels pain, love and all the emotions any man does. He has lived through hell and continues to stand amongst it’s fire while so many watch him burn as though nothing is happening.

The sad, horrifying truth is most of the world has hung Assange out to dry and forgotten him like an old toy. If we do or say nothing, we are as guilty as those slowly assassinating him. Please don’t let him stand alone.

According to tge U.N. special rapporteur on torture, Nils Melzer:

“He [Julian Assange] urgently needs access to a psychiatrist that is not part of the prison service, someone that he can fully trust and if he doesn’t get that, and if the pressure on him is not alleviated rapidly, we will have to expect a rapid and serious deterioration to his state of health.”

I cannot sit here and do nothing while the man I admire suffers, nor should you. This is my call out. I beg you to write or call your leaders and demand freedom cor Assange. I plead with you to heed my call and protest, hang signs in your city, just do something.

I am only one person, but collectively we can flood the phone lines, bury them in mail and make them listen. No more persecution. No more prosecution. #FreeAssange

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