Further Update on Assange

In a moving interview, Assange’s father John Shipton told reporters that Assange had asked him to move to England. John’s responses was “Yes, I’ll be here in August.” The interview was very emotional and Shipton explained that Assange had lost 10 kgs ( which converts to 22 lbs) but his weight was stabilized and he would be moved back to his cell in the next day or so.

In an article by 7news.com.au:

The 47-year-old is poised to move out of the medical ward of London’s Belmarsh prison and on Tuesday shared a moving hug with father John Shipton, who he has not seen since Christmas.

After hugging his son, Shipton also stated, “It’s not a hug you want to end. You actually want to carry him out.”

Nils Melzer said, “Assange needs access to a psychiatrist who is ‘not part of the prison service – someone he can fully trust’ – to avoid his health deteriorating further.”

On June 14th, a more substantial hearing for his extradition will be at Westminister Court. Assange needs our help in orxer to save his life. He faces 170 years if extradited. Please contribute to his legal fund at defend.wikileaks.org/donate.

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