Unbelievable Interview With John Shipton Assange’s Father With Update On His Health

Julian Assange’s Father Was Able to Visit him in Belmarsh Prison today and was even able to hug him. John obviously loves his son as many tears were shed. RT was able to interview John shortly after the visit. He stated Assange’s health has been stabilized and that the illness causing his weight loss is unknown. He also stated that Julian has a strong will to fight.

Please watch the video here for more information.

Assange has not been allowed to properly prepare his defense since he has been incarcerated and much of the paperwork he had previously collected for it was stolen by Ecuador in an illegal seize of his property. All that he had at the Embassy in London was sent to the U.S. as evidence for charges against him.

Please contribute to his defense fund at defend.wikileaks.org/donate defend.wikileaks.org/donate.

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