What Kevin Zeese Had To Say On The Extradition of Assange

Kevin Zeese is an American lawyer and political activist who has worked on a wide range of issues beginning with ending the war on drugs and mass incarceration, including helping to organize the 2011 Occupy encampment in Washington, DC at Freedom Plaza. He currently serves as co-director of Popular Resistance.

I asked Kevin Zeese a few questions and these are his responses:

Angel Fox: Do you think its likely Assange will be extradited with the 18 counts being politically motivated and the agreement between Britain and the US regarding extradition?
Is it even remotely possible the US charged him with 18 counts of espionage to avoid extradition?

Kevin Zeese: Predicting the future is risky.

– More charges against Assange. Chelsea Manning is jailed because the Assange grand jury is meeting. Its lifespan is another year and a half unless the grand jury investigation ends. It is likely to end with more indictments.
– If Assange survives and does not die in jail, extradition is likely to take years.
– The political situation in both the UK and US will change. Either country could stop the extradition.
– There are many reasons why an Assange extradition could be blocked.
– The political movement supporting Assange, if we do our job to educate and mobilize people, will grow.
– With time passing people will be able to see that Assange publishing truthful materials about US wars, Guantanamo Bay, operations of the State Department, corporate corruption and scandals and government crime and corruption across the globe was in the public interest.
– Wikileaks publications will be seen in history as a key reason the US empire comes to an end.
Julian Assange may never be extradited, but there are forces in the US government that will not give up. The popular movement must expose and defeat them.
Assange is being unjustly and brutally punished every day.

The only way we can stop this is to unite as a movement and tell the U.K. judicial system that we demand he not be extradited. We must put our differences aside and join hands to save Assange and our free speech rights as well as press freedom. If we do not, we sacrifice future generations’ freedom.

If you could have stopped Hitler when he began to take over Germany by demanding he stop attacking the press and free speech, would have you? Would you have risked your life to expose NAZis?

Julian Assange risked his life to expose military crimes that the public needed to know. He has spoken out about our freedoms ending and the dangers of AI. He released millions of documents in the public interest. His arrest and possible conviction will set a legal precedent allowing governments to arrest others from other countries who expose government corruption. His arrest not only violates free speech and free press but our rights to privacy, laws against illegal search and seizure plus international law on human rights and asylum. We cannot just stand and watch our freedom taken away. This is tyranny!

Please write your elected officials, the DOJ and your leaders! Call them and leave numerous messages! Protest this abomination!

Donate to defend.wikileaks.org/donate. Buy a shirt at wikileaks.shop.

Educate people. Hang posters and signs in your community! We must fight!

One thought on “What Kevin Zeese Had To Say On The Extradition of Assange

  1. Hi Angel so glad you are in Julian’s side. Do you know if his Dad ever got in to see him after being turned away. The silence here in Australia is deafening. I also don’t feel right about the prison photos, is that a ploy so we all think he looks well and can socialise? Albeit he’s locked up 23 hours a day. Plus you can’t sneeze in Belmarsh. Thank you 🌹

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