Trump DOJ To File Additional Charges Against Assange According To Wikileaks Press Release


It appears the Trump administration is not happy with 18 indictments that could spell 170 years for Assange, they are moving for more charges before the June 14th deadline. I believe they want enough to give him the death penalty. If so, extradition by Britain would be illegal under their law.

Here is the Wikileaks Press Release from their Twitter feed:



When the DOJ will resort to getting a witness who not only impersonated Assange to embezzle money from Wikileaks but a sociopath who committed sex crimes against nine minors, they are getting desperate. However, knowing who the witness is does not help Assange in his extradition hearing as the U.S. can conceal the name of the witness. We need to make it loud and clear to the U.K. exactly who they are using.

The Trump administration going after Wikileaks has had a chilling effect already on press freedom as seen in Australia. Assange warned us this would happen but no mainstream media outlet was willing to believe he was right. Now, in all likelihood, Assange will face the death penalty as the United States DOJ looks for more reasons to destroy him. We cannot allow him to be extradited to the U.S.

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