The Gateway Pundit Reporter Cassandra Fairbanks Gets An Exclusive On Assange in Prison

Cassandra Fairbanks of the Gateway Pundit, recently was contacted by an anonymous prisoner in Belmarsh with pictires if Assange in jail and was able to speak with the anonymous provider at length. (See article here).

The inmate, who wishes to remain anonymous, sent multiple photos of Assange from inside Belmarsh maximum security prison and spoke to The Gateway Pundit about the WikiLeaks founder’s situation using a contraband phonehe has inside.

This reporter spoke to the inmate through a series of online messages and a phone call for multiple hours on Wednesday evening. At the beginning of the conversation I asked him if he was a prisoner or someone who works there — and if his motive was to extort money from the organization.

“I’m in prison right now,” he said, sending a photo from inside his cell. “Extort him for what reason? He exposed the biggest scandals in the world. Whose side do you think someone in prison would be on? The government who have us locked up in here or a fellow prisoner who actually doesn’t deserve to be here?”

While some of the photos revealed his prison cell and the conditions, we have opted not to share those as they may violate his privacy. The photos reveal a thin blue mattress within a scarce and very small cell.

Speaking generally about how Assange is viewed by the other inmates, the prisoner said that he is well liked among the prison population. “Everyone’s got a million questions for him — like ‘is the illuminati real?’ He’s probably heard that question a million times,” the inmate said, along with laughing emojis.

The prisoner stated that Assange is still currently in the hospital wing of the prison. He also said that Assange very much appreciates all the letters he is receiving from supporters and that there was one day when nobody in the roughly 300 person unit received mail — except for him.

“All of the post was for Assange,” he said. “About 500 letters and it was all for him. It made him smile.”

Lawyers for Assange were unable to confirm or deny any of the claims.


It is obvious in the photos, Assange has lost considerable weight and that his confinement in a cell with only a mattress is a disgusting display of mistreatment by Belmarsh. Unfortunately, we are receiving no updates as to his condition.

In other related news, Assange’s father John Shipton was denied his visit with his son due to an “oversight” by the prison as several doctors were scheduled to visit Julian at the same time. Many are reporting this as some kind of emergency but it is not.

It remains obvious that incarcerating Assange after 9 years of illegal detainment has further destroyed his mental health as well as physical well being. May God restore his health. Keep fighting folks!

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