The Real Reason Assange Sought Asylum in 2012

So many media sources never get this right because of their cobstant smear campaigns against Assange . Because of MSM lying through their teeth, many believe that a country granted him refugee status over a rape charge. It’s quite simply the biggest lie ever told about Assange.

First of all, Assange has never had charges filed against him in Sweden. There were only allegations that he was more than willing to answer to. The Swedish government reopened this case to please the U.S. government in order to extradite first to Sweden and then to the U.S. This is evident with the lack of evidence seen in court in Sweden today.

Second, Assange’s greatest fear has always been the extradition to the U.S. with good reason. There were the Stratfor emails detailing what the government wanted to do to Assange once he was extradited seen below:

Then I shared this from his court hearing on sentencing for bail breach seen here:

In a summary of the court hearing seen here by Catherine Brown, the defense shows the torture techniques used on Chelsea Manning which included one year in solitary confinement.

She was held in military detention under conditions of sleep deprivation, kept naked, and forced to parade as such in front of military personnel.

Just to remind you, there were two cases involved the surrender of people by Sweden to Egypt – a state well known to practice torture – with the active assistance of America. They are not isolated cases, as the judgments make clear, and America’s involvement can be made clear at para 10.2 of the [Aguisa – sp.?] judgement, in which the circumstances of their expulsion are set out.

[The details of the people involved in one such case:] They were handcuffed at Stockholm airport. A private plane of the US landed. They were stripped – their clothes were cut off them. Suppositories were placed in their penises. They were dressed in nappies. They were chained to specially-designed stress harnesses for the duration of their transit.

The fact is, no country will give you asylum over rape allegations. There has to be good reason to receive refugee status and Assange proved to Ecuador in 2012 that he had it.

CNN and ABC news both reported that he did today. Even after realizing this threatens them as well, they don’t care to share yhe truth. Obviously they are on the government payroll.

Wikileaks needs to start suing these bastards for defamation, libel and slander. Assange needs the truth told so people support him. Their bogus lies need to come back on them 100-fold. We need to call them out on this!

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