The Unabashed Truth About the Treatment of Julian Assange

The United States government relentless pursuit of Julian Assange is like the cruel little boy pulling off the legs of a spider and enjoying it’s pain. The continuous psychological warfare used to break Assange is a revolting display of several governments bullying one individual. I am sickened by what they have done to this man to hide their own evil crimes.

The obvious message they are presenting is that no one is allowed to expose these governments or it will lead to their destruction through a slow torturous manner. It is like a group of kids bullying one kid until he finally can take no more. Julian’s health deterioration is due to them tormenting him to the point of physical and psychological destruction.

As he lays in a hospital ward at Belmarsh prison in serious condition, Jeremy Hunt of the U.K. had the audacity to make this statement on Twitter:

This is wrong. Assange chose to hide in the embassy and was always free to leave and face justice. The UN Special Rapporteur should allow British courts to make their judgements without his interference or inflammatory accusations.

Had the U.K. acted properly, Assange would have never taken asylum to begin with. It is the British government who is partially responsible for the slow assassination of this journalist. Had they acted in a justifiable manner and not persecuted Assange mercilessly, his health would have remained intact and he would currently be free. Instead, through a corrupt judicial system submitting to the U.S. government’s whims, they forced him into asylum and destroyed his life.

My only hope is that Assange’s will to live is more powerful than the hell he has lived through because of a couple mean little boys kicking him like a puppy. A person is only capable of handling so much and Assange has endured much more than most.

Though the real battle is only entering the beginning, Assange has been through so much he may not see the ending because of the brutal treatment of the U.K., the U.S.,Sweden and Ecuador. If he dies in prison, these 4 governments are no better than the abusive criminal actors in places like China and North Korea. We are no freer than the citizens of those countries in this case!

The United States is the bully and the other three are the bully’s sidekicks. We cannot live in freedom without truth. The painful reality for us is that our governments no longer want us free, but enslaved. The first step is destroying press freedom and those who exercise it. The destruction of Assange is literally the ruination of our freedom as individuals.

It has become necessary for the people to stand up and take back their freedom from those who seek to destroy it. By fighting for Assange, we fight for liberty, truth and justice. Please heed the call before it is too late!

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