The Torture Of A Truthteller: How 4 Governments Are Going After Julian Assange

Many have claimed that Assange was “hiding out” in the Ecuadorian Embassy to avoid the rape allegations in Sweden but that was never true. It still isn’t. What he was put through in the 7 years he had asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London is nothing but pure torment. When even the U.N. rapporteur on torture states this, you know it’s true. As Assange over and over stated it was about U.S. extradition and free speech, no one in the mainstream media listened. Instead they started a smear campaign like no other which included talk about his hygiene, his ethics and other nonsense to create a villian in the eyes of the public. This campaign was definitely developed by security agencies.

While other journalists used the Wikileaks revelations to obtain viewers and sponsors and enjoyed their freedom and income from doing so, Assange slowly deteriorated behind the closed doors of the embassy. Only a few loyal supporters continued to raise awareness about the outrage taking place. The smear campaign raged on even after Ecuador turned on him with a new government, silenced him and tortured him psychologically for the last year up to his illegal eviction and arrest. As though that were not enough, he was then placed in solitary confinement and finally hospitalized at Belmarsh prison.

UN Experts calls out ‘A Relentless and Unrestrained Campaign of Public Mobbing, Intimidation and Defamation’ against Assange, Warns of ‘Criminalization of Journalism’, by @unJoe

The stress of the 7 weeks incarcerated finally is doing him in.It is a sad day knowing our hero who educated society on the wrongdoings happening in our world, is slowly assassinated while the criminals he exposed walk free. Our world has become evil and corrupt while the populace remains passive and apathetic. If we continue on the road we are following, we will all end up slaves to our masters, the rich and powerful.

UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, NilsMelzer: “The 4 countries that I’ve written to should recognise that the way they’ve handled this affair violates the Convention on #Torture. They have to stop in their tracks. My personal recommendation is to release him”.

The U.N. continues to demand the freedom of Assange to no avail. Apparently, the U.K. and the U.S. no longer follow the Geneva Convention. Instead, they bulldoze through human rights and international laws. The consequences of these actions will be longstanding. History will not be kind to those who violated their own laws or to those who did not fight for their freedom.

So while you sit and enjoy your families and freedom, remember when all we have is lost, Julian Assange warned you.

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