The Slow Assassination of a Journalist: Julian Assange

If you have been paying attention the last 9 years, you know the U.K., the U.S. and Sweden have willfully been slowly martyring Julian Assange through psychological torture, illegal detainment and neglect. They have been slowly assassinating him right before your eyes and many have just watched this take place. Those of us who have stood up and fought for him often feel as though our efforts are to no effect.

What has taken place is beyond description. Words like torture, torment, persecution, suffering and misery just don’t seem to be enough. It has been 9 years since he saw his own children. They’ve grown up without their father because there father was courageous and heroic and only wanted to see justice for those who hurt the innocent. Julian has continued to speak for much of that time at the cost of his own health until they silenced him in March of 2018.

The idea that he deserves punishment has been promoted propaganda from mainstream media for nearly a decade. The pursuit of extraditing him has been a billion dollar cost to tax payers to silence the truth. Governments who commit crimes are no better than the spouse who tries to hide his affair. The U.S. government has went so far as to purchase him in the most expensive act of human trafficking ever. The U.K. has submitted to the United States like a beaten slave. All for the pursuit of one man.

While Assange languished in the embassy, hoping for freedom, the U.K. and the U.S. plotted and schemed to destroy him. Unfortunately, his 7 year illegal detainment in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London without fresh air, sunlight, proper exercise or proper medical care did the trick. Now that they have obtained him, his health has deteriorated so badly he lays in Belmarsh Prison’s hospital ward. The fight for his life has become a physical one it appears as Wikileaks has announced their grave concerns for their publisher’s health.

Unfortunately, for those of us who love and are concerned about Assange, there is nothing we can do about his physical well being but pray.

For those who have spread the lies, they are realizing finally that Assange’s fate may be their own too late. Their false smears accomplished their government’s agenda while they followed like sheep to the slaughter. The rest of us can see what the consequences of ignoring the UNs ruling are.

For those of you who do not like Assange and have believed the campaign to destroy his character, don’t worry. The government is pleased with your ability to submit to their agenda. In the mean time, the greatest journalist of our time is slowly being assassinated along with our press freedom and free speech. The government is very satisfied and thanks you for your cooperation in this matter.

To all of you who support him, we must be his voice.

2 thoughts on “The Slow Assassination of a Journalist: Julian Assange

  1. Robert Scource

    Hi I’ve followed Julian for many years, the Zionists are far more cruel than Hitler. This is disgusting to treat an honest man in this shameful way. Freedom of speech is dead.
    Hope Julian can muster up enough strength to look these animals in the eyes and laugh in their faces.
    So very sad.


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