Assange Too Ill To Appear In Court

Assange’s prelimonary court hearing on his extradition was postponed as the Founder of Wikileaks was too ill to appear on live video today. Wikileaks and his Swedish lawyer have reported that he is currently in the Belmarsh prison hospital ward in serious condition and they are gravely concerned by his ill health.

Great discussionon Ron Paul’s show today, can be seen here:

Daniel McAdams makes the point that Assange is getting the “Milosevic” treatment. With Milosevic, the ICTY failed even remotely to make its case, denied him proper medical treatment and, then, when Milosevic died in its prison, said “We’re not to blame. He is.”

There have been no updates on Assange’s health and very little information as to what is wrong with him. As news comes in, I will keep you informed.

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