They Have Silenced Him… Be Assange’s Voice

In Julian’s recent letter he pointed out that he no longer has a voice so we must speak for him. We must continue the fight he started. He can no longer speak out for us. He is defenseless. It’s true.

Don’t let his principles and values die just because he’s incarcerated. Share his writings, his interviews, and his tweets. Continue to spread his truth.

Other things you can do to help Assange.

1. Write and call your leaders,human rights organizations, your local newspapers and tell them this is about free press rights. They need to fight to save our freedom.

2. Write him in prison. They are not allowing him anything, not even books. The information to write him is in the below pic.

How to write to Julian Assange:
•Please write short personal letters only. Material is read by Belmarsh security
•You must include your full name & address on back of envelope
•Include blank paper & blank envelope with return postage.

You absolutely cannot send anything but your letters and pictures on paper. You must include his birthdate in English format (3/7/1971). Do not send money because it does him no good and he will not receive it.

3. Donate to even if all you can afford is $1.

This is the official site by Wikileaks to donate to his legal fund. His fees will be astronomical and he needs every cent he gets.

4. Protest! If you can’t attend one, start one in your area. If you can’t get out of the house, do a video! Bomb social media with #FreeAssange posts!

The point is every drop in the bucket helps! A flood starts with one drop of rain and next thing you know it can take out a dam.

We must save him at all costs!

2 thoughts on “They Have Silenced Him… Be Assange’s Voice

  1. Christine Slang

    The US government does not get to hide behind excuses of “national security” , “ state secrets” or “ could put lives at risk” and commit heinous crimes and be grossly corrupt. Assange is a hero. The powerful must not be hypocrites and take citizens rights to privacy by saying that we have nothing to worry about if we have nothing to hide and then hide their own criminal behavior!!!!


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