There IS No Evidence Worth Sacrificing Assange For

To those who think it’s okay to make Assange suffer so he can provide “evidence”, I think you are the most apathetic, disgusting humans alive. How can it be all right to torture and torment a man and put him in prison just so you get your evidence? How can the brutal arrest and treatment of Assange be kosher? Are we animals? No, animals are more compassionate than this attitude.

Do you want evidence? They illegally took his belongings as evidence without proper legal proceedings which means it could easily be tampered with. Don’t forget our government loves to “redact” everything. This was against the 4th amendment and international law but according to you non-citizens don’t have any rights. So that makes all of this okay. It has nothing to do with him being human.

His health has deteriorated to the point he looks like a 70 year old man in 9 years. His bones are slowly degenerating from lack of Vitamin D and sunshine. He has a persistent cough and his legs swell. He suffers from dental infections from needing a root canal for years. His shoulder is locked up. He suffers from depression. All this is fine with you as long as you get your “evidence.”

This country is so divided that it will be easily conquered by the Deep State. The elite have already enslaved us as we wave our left and right banners. While our country has killed 20 million people and committed war crimes in vast numbers since World War 2, Americans yell it’s patriotic and necessary for democracy. Who cares who gets hurt as long as our country prevails?

While you scream to have Assange here to convict your so-called enemies in the DNC, they are destroying your rights in front of you. Not only are you sheep being led to the slaughter but this shows how ignorant Americans can be. It’s pathetic!

Open your eyes people, the Deep State is both parties. The roots go deep and their power is out of control. Stop being complacent and passive and give a damn about the one man who tried to save your sorry asses! He should not suffer because you wouldn’t listen!

If you allow Assange to be extradited and face the court in Virginia, your freedom will be gone forever! Soon, the government will start arresting anyone who speaks out. Read 1984 for God’s sake! They are ushering in the Orwellian state.

First they came for Assange…

Then they came for you and your offspring!

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