The Real Reason Behind Reopening Rape Allegations Against Assange

I’m a rape victim. I can tell you all about the shame, the embarassment, what it does to your self-esteem and how 33 years later, it still haunts me. I could go on and on how I felt so dirty for years afterwards that I would scrub my skin raw. Or how I never told anyone because I was so mortified at the thought that people would know. I was 14 years old and they were my peers. I had to face down my rapists daily in class and at school…

So I know how you behave when something like that happens. Those two girls were worried about STDs not about being raped. One even said she felt railroaded by the police. This was nothing but a set up to get Assange into custody to extradite him to the U.S.

Don’t get me wrong if there had really been a crime involved, I would be the first person to want him extradited, but he’s innocent. Both women agreed the sex was consensual. The allegations have been dropped twice due to lack of evidence. In 2013 Sweden had already wanted to drop it but England pressured them into keeping it open. The statute of limitations ends next year, why reopen now?

I will tell you. In the event the U.K. decides to not extradite Assange to the U.S. but does choose to do so to Sweden then Sweden will agree to the extradition. It’s that simple. Also, in the Stratfor email shared by Wikileaks regarding the plans for Assange once he is arrested seen below, this is part of their intentions.

The intended treatment of Assange is obvious, they intend to torture him and make him feel lower than an animal. This is a disgusting attempt to destroy a human being through slow assassination. The U.S. intends to martyr him while destroying our right to know through the First Amendment.

Remember throughout American history it was the journalist who exposed the criminal behavior of the government. If we allow them to do it to one, they will do it all. Never before has there been a publisher indictedted under the Espionage Act for doing their job. Sincerely, Assange is the most persecuted publisher in the history of the United States of America.

The rape allegations are a screen to hide the truth of their scheme to extradite him and to destroy his character. It is to outrage the people and give him the appearance of evil in the eyes of the people who will protect him. Truly it’s a lie put forth to deceive the minions.

Take a step back and look at their plot. In this case, the governments are the enemy and the accused the victim. It is not a case of rape, it is a case of false accusations and the U.S. attempting to cover up their own evil. When you realize what they are doing to your rights through Assange, you too will fight for his freedom, because in reality, you are fighting for your own.

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