Only The Public Can Save Assange

In Assange’s letter he calls out for us to save him. He doesn’t ask for us to elect a certain politician or for help from one. He calls on us. There is a reason for this. No one politician can save him. There is too much behind the scenes pressure.

I hate using “Deep State” as most right wingers use this term to describe the DNC. The best way I can describe it is the underbelly of our governments at work. The elites who have power through money, violence and other acts of misconduct. They control our governments, our politicians and what happens. This plan to slowly take over started when Kennedy was in office.

The point is that no President can fix this. It will take a huge movement from the public hitting the streets and taking his side. We need to fight this direct attack on our freedom tooth and nail. Are you prepared to have a government that you can’t control or hold to account for their acts? Are you ready to only hear what they want you to hear? To see anyone who tells you the truth to be locked up like a criminal?

The arrest and prosecution of Assange is an attempt by the Deep State to silence us all. It isn’t about just one man. The whole case has been one illegal movement after another infringing on every right we have. Beginning with the unlawful solitary confinement by Ecuador and the shady eviction of Assange, then the brutal arrest by the U.K. and the biased judge to the sentencing and incarceration in Britain’s Gitmo, the corruption is evident and won’t change unless WE put boots on the ground and fight.

Every corrupt step they take in this case sets a precedent and removes more of our freedom. It destroys our protection from unscrupulous judiciary systems and crooked politicians. The very fact that Manning was found in contempt for taking the 4th, 6th and 14th is a violation of our rights.

The Geneva Convention was put in place to protect the individual from fascist, tyrranical governments and to protect people from horrific war crimes. Yet, the U.S. government has not only ignored these laws but is pardoning the war criminals. If Assange is silenced, how many crimes will go unchecked and be hidden in the future?

This is a scheme to destroy the journalistic practices used to uncover any story. It is a crime against humanity itself. We cannot rely on MSM to spread the story. They remained silent for 9 years and only smeared him. We must educate others with the truth. As Assange said in his letter, “The truth is all we have.”

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