After 9 Years, The MSM Finally Gets It: Assange’s Indictments Sink In

It took 9 years, Assange’s arrest and 18 indictments under the Espionage Act but MSM is finally seeing the real picture. By allowing Assange to be indicted, they let the U.S. government take away their rights. Too busy collecting the money to notice what was being done to them right before their eyes, they remained complacent while their very lives are now in jeopardy. Any journalist who covers political issues, military items or attempts to expose injustice can now be arrested.

So now, the big publishers are suddenly freaking out. They are screaming #freepress and violating our first amendment rights, but where were they when it counted most? While Assange languished in an embassy without fresh air, sunlight and proper medical care, they raked in their corporate media cash and ignored the most incredible journalist of our time. If they did speak of him, it was simply to destroy his character through smears. We warned them. We told them what would happen but like spoiled rotten children, they didn’t listen.

While supporters rallied and fought for main stream journalists rights to report, they fought to destroy the man who literally fought for them. Now, Assange sits in prison waiting for extradition to the U.S., silenced and has no way to prepare to fight for his life. He is alone, tormented and tortured. A 47 year old hero who should be riding high in the prime of his life but instead, he suffers.

I am heartbroken and angry over this man’s pain. I am mad because the people who should have been most concerned about Assange’s fate sat back in their easy chairs. Now, it may be too late to save this man’s life and to protect our First Amendment. Yet, we must try. We must fight this bizarre quest to destroy our rights. We must take back what is rightfully ours and in the process, give this man his freedom. If we remain passive, the loss of our freedom is inevitable.

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