Anything Found on Assange’s Electronic Devices Will Be Planted

In a horrifying display of lawlessness by Ecuador, officials have seized Assange’s belonging and without proper legal procedure will be turning them over to the U.S. government to use as evidence against him. On Monday morning, this process took place without legal representation. The British police were there aiding Ecuador officials which violates their own laws for search and seizure without a proper warrant.

However, due to the previous knowledge that Assange would be evicted in the near future, Julian erased or removed anything needed. According to abcnews:

It’s not known what devices authorities removed from the embassy or what information they contained. But authorities said they were acting on a request by the U.S. prosecutors, leading Assange’s defenders to claim that Ecuador has undermined the most basic principles of asylum while denying the secret-spiller’s right to prepare his defense.

“It’s disgraceful,” WikiLeaks’ editor in chief, Kristinn Hrafnsson, said in an interview with The Associated Press. “Ecuador granted him asylum because of the threat of extradition to the U.S. and now the same country, under new leadership, is actively collaborating with a criminal investigation against him.”

“If anything surfaces, I can assure you it would’ve been planted,” he said. “Julian isn’t a novice when it comes to security and securing his information. We expected this to happen and protections have been in place for a very long time.”

Assange was no novice when it came to encryption and device security so I wish the U.S. DOJ luck even getting into the devices which were illegally confiscated. Anything incriminating found will definitely have been planted to secure his prosecution a guilty verdict.

The disgusting display of rogue states that have no issue with the human rights encroachments in this case are setting a precedent which no individual can find protection from. There is no longer justice for anyone worldwide who fights for international law, integrity and the innocent. May God judge those who have destroyed our freedom harshly.

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