How Assange’s Treatment Affects You

Assange’s arrest and horrific human rights violations show there is no protection for the individual from corrupt governments. No one stands a chance against torture or abuse from the U.S. government and the U.K. Between the asylum precedent set, his isolation, lack of healthcare, torture and invasion of privacy, the U.S. has set a standard for the treatment of all of us.

They are attacking our free press and free speech rights, our rights to privacy and illegal search and seizure will soon become a norm. Rights as an asylee have been undermined and the very laws that the U.S. takes oaths to uphold are now null and void. We are all in trouble!

The United States have become the Big Brother of 1984 with it’s spying on citizens, interfering in foreign elections, wars for oil in the name of democracy and it’s social media censorship. Soon, the world will all see a lack of freedom and the inability to speak our mind.

What is being done to Assange can never be undone! We can’t give him back his health. We can’t give him back the years they have stolen. We can’t give him back what this has done to his children and family! It is an outrage against all of us!

If we stand up for his freedom and refuse to let him be prosecuted, we at least tell our governments no more! Stand up and fight before it’s too late!

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